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Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats Visit Zulu Sangoma

Sometimes I really wonder about Alicia Keys. Seems this is the kind of thing we shall be getting from the couple who are expecting a baby and have announced their engagement. While down in South Africa, they took the opportunity to visit a Zulu sangoma to get blessings for themselves and for their unborn child. They were even given new names which they did not share. My advice to Alicia, don’t mess around with the sangomas. Better yet, don’t mess with things you know nothing about.

Wearing tribal beads, Alicia and her baby were given Zulu names while standing under a fig tree known as the ‘healing tree’ by locals who believe it brings good fortune and health. ‘Two female priests who practice a mix of Christianity and tribal custom chose new names for her and the unborn child, as a mark of respect. The names were kept between them, but were chosen to reflect Alicia’s character.

‘Alicia had to do a special dance with drums banging in the background, and was embraced by abused children who she has helped. She was chosen for the ceremony as a thank-you, because she has done a lot to keep children’s lives afloat and for us to afford our support staff.

‘Her partner came too – he held her hand and helped her sit down when she needed rest.’

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I’m wondering what kind of ‘special dance’ Alicia had to perform 🙂



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