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Channel O Music Video Awards 2010

The 2010 Channel O Musice Video Awards were held at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg last night. It was a hugely disappointing night for Kenyans. We did not bring home a single award despite having Wyre, Nameless & Habida nominated. It would be too easy to say that South Africans and Nigerians are favored by the organizers. I say we take a look at our music industry and figure out what we are doing wrong.

I have a few to start. Why can’t we develop a uniquely Kenyan sound? Don’t shoot the messenger. However, it’s a fact that most Kenyan musicians are satisfied with copying styles from other countries. I, for one would love to see Nameless on a track with an ohangla beat. Or, how about P-Unit hooking up with a mugithi artist to bring a truly Kenyan feel. Genge or Kapuka is not going to cut it on the international scene. The sooner we realize that, the better. Amani is doing a really good job. When I listen to her, I can identify her sound as Kenyan. Look at K’naan. When he sings, you can feel the influence of his heritage. That’s how he’s able to draw in other people, even when blending his music with international styles. Our music should have a broader appeal to people outside Kenya.

Another thing we should look at is our music videos. Seriously! Have you ever watched our videos on Kiss TV??? I’m left thinking really? Is this the best we have to offer??? If it’s not some strange guy in a kitchen singing about andazis, it’s a chic with a horrible red weave singing about shamba boys. Kenyans have to do better. There are qualified professionals in Kenya who can help with concepts for videos. Do not be satisfied with mediocrity!!!

We also need to start promoting our real musicians like Sauti Sol, Suzanne Owiyo and Kidum. Do not just be content with attending a few gigs here and there. Buy original albums!!! Recommend them to friends across the globe.

Anyhoo, enough of ranting. Here are the winners of the Channel O Music Video Awards:

Afro pop video – D’banj ( Fall in Love ) NIGERIA

Group and featured – Psquare ( E no easy ) NIGERIA

Most gifted East Africa – Obita ft Loyiso(everybody dance) SOUTH AFRICA

Most Gifted Hip-hop – Naeto C (Ako mi ti poju) NIGERIA

Most gifted video – 2face (implication) NIGERIA

Most gifted Ragga – Gen Pype (champion) NIGERIA

Wonderful Recognition went to K’naan and he performed via e-presence.

Most gifted south – Pro (sekele) SOUTH AFRICA

Most gifted dance – Liquid deep (Fairytale) SOUTH AFRICA

Most gifted female – Mochedda ft othello (if you want it) NIGERIA

Most gifted male – Black coffee (juju) SOUTH AFRICA

MTN most gifted video – Tear gas (party 101) SOUTH AFRICA


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