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Brandy Spills on Her Love Life

I’ve always wondered why Brandy never seems to be in a long term relationship. Sure , she has been “spotted” with different guys but none of them has ever really lasted. Which is a shame coz she’s very talented and seems like a wonderful person. However, after reading her latest interview with Vibe, I think I may know her problem. Ladies, I know we are always told never to settle. However, having a long, impossible list of qualities you want in a mate is just ridiculous. No one is perfect. Chances are you’ll never find that one person with all the qualities in your list. My advice: if he makes you happy, doesn’t have a criminal record, has no baby mama drama, has a stable job, and has not racked up a boatload of debt, that’s a good starting point. You can always work around the rest 🙂

What’s happening with your love life these days? Are you dating anyone?

I’m not dating anyone at the moment and that sucks actually because I love being in a relationship. It’s so much fun and it does something to me as a woman when I’m in love and expressing my feelings for another person. But that hasn’t been in my life for a minute. And you actually get to see that on Family Business. You see me trying to get out there and date and going out to dinner here and there and trying vibe with different people. But so far I haven’t had any luck in that department. It was definitely hard to balance my career and personal life when I was in a relationship before. But I know it can be done, I’ve learned from my mistakes and I’ll be working towards making it work in my next relationship.

What were some of the challenges you’ve personally found in trying to balance the personal and professional parts of your life?

It’s very important to have quality time in a relationship and when you’re working all the time and you’re going and moving it’s kind of hard to make that time. But once you learn that balance; that your career is just as important as love— and love is just as important as your career you find a way. I mean, look at Jay –Z and Beyonce. They are always working but they are always together too, but they find a way. They’re like my favorite couple so I have to bring them up [laughs.] You have to find a way and that’s what I’m trying to tell Ray this season. I’m not in anyway saying  just give up everything and just focus on family. But, balance it out because you need one to kind of inspire the other. When I was on Dancing With The Stars I was imagining my dude in the audience cheering for me. I wanted him to be there but he was nowhere to be found.  Love inspires you especially if your significant other is driven and motivated and got their own thing going—you can inspire each other.

So at this point in your career what kind of man are you looking for now?

He has to be smart, he has to be able to stimulate me mentally— that’s important. I love to laugh, so he’s got to be able to make me laugh, and I like to have fun and I’m very spontaneous. I love being a big kid and affection and love is so important to me. He has to have a love for his family and children all of the great things that all women want in a man. And I’d like my next guy to have a little edge to him— he can’t be corny [laughs.] Also he has to be somebody who loves music. And I’d love to find somebody I can teach, who can teach me, so we can learn from each other—basically somebody who can make me a better person.



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