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How To Look Like One Hot Mama After Birth

Every woman’s nightmare is how to lose the extra pounds of flesh gained from pregnancy. For some women, it just refuses to go away. If you’re still struggling to shed those pounds, maybe you should try what Christina Milian did. She’s looking amazing! Christina Milian and Baby Violet were spotted at ABC Family’s “25 Days Of Christmas” 2010 Winter Wonderland Event at Rockefeller Center in New York. The singer was in New York City promoting her made-for-TV movie Christmas Cupid at the Rock Center Café.  Wearing a very flattering deep red dress, the 29-year-old glowed with health and happiness as she held little nine-month-old Violet Nash close by her side. Little Violet looked equally festive in a matching red dress and Santa hat. Christina is working her new body and looking fantabulous. See how she did it after the break.

If you’ll remember, Christina gave birth to daughter Violet Madison Nash in February, and soon after it was revealed she had already split from her husband of ten months. Further shocks were in store, as photographs emerged of him frolicking in the Caribbean sea with his female assistant. Court documents stated that the marriage was ‘irretrievably broken’, and that ‘there is no hope for reconciliation’. The divorce has since been finalized and the settlement was confidential, but Christina is rumored to have received at least $4 million for parting ways with The Dream.

Breastfeeding and exercise helped her shed some of the 45 pounds she gained while pregnant with daughter Violet. But she said the real secret to her weight loss was the help she got from her mother, Carmen.

The first month, I lost weight drastically. On top of that, she (mom) cooked me a lot of raw vegetables and raw salads and proteins — and it worked! I also drank a lot of water.

Got that people??? Squeeze that milk out of your body and eat lots of veggies. The veggie thing may present a problem for me coz I do not enjoy my greens.


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