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Kanye West’s Monster Video Stills… Scary!!!

Just when I thought Kanye West was getting back to normal, he goes and pulls another crazy stunt. It seems the video for his song, Monster, will be different (for lack of a better word). Very different. Select scenes from his new music video ‘Monster’ hit the web yesterday. This video is very creepy. If his intention is to get the Illuminati rumours going again, I think he’s outdone himself.

In one scene, Kanye is shown lounging on a bed with a collection of dead bodies lying next to him. He clumsily makes out with one corpse like some kind of twisted, psychotic serial killer. The video also features rappers Jay Z, Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross — who, in another macabre scene, smokes a cigar while sitting in a chair with dead bodies literally hanging around him.

Kanye’s exceptional CD, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, is in stores now. It was actually awarded 5 mics by the Source magazine. What I’ve heard is also pretty good. However, I just can’t deal with this mess. Some may think it’s creativity, I just think it’s sick. See more stills after the break.


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