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Ciara’s Basic Instinct CD Insert

Am I the only one who had no idea that Ciara has an album coming out? Her label is doing a horrendous job of marketing her. Not that I was planning on buying it but I’m sure she has fans somewhere… Don’t kill the messenger. I loved her back in her Goodies days. Feel like back then she was more focused on music and dancing, which is her real talent. Now she’s become like all the other oversexed chics. Why does it always have to be about nudity? If you think I’m lying, you should take a look at her CD inserts after the break. I guess you have to show extra skin to sell albums these days. Though it just doesn’t work for me… If you’re interested, Basic Instinct will be in stores on Tuesday, December 14th. Let me know if it’s worth it, won’t you?

She shows off her ASSets in the sizzling images, photographed by Gomillion and Leupold—basking in the sun, posing in her bra and panties, and dancing in the rain.



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