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Help Fund Education with Kikoy4Kenya

I’m always looking for a way to help improve my country, and the world, in my every day life. Now you can do it through fashion, and by being a fashion trendsetter at that! Inspired by the beauty of East Africa, Kikoy4Kenya is a line of 100% cotton, hand finished textiles that celebrates the rich heritage, craftsmanship and vibrancy of Kenya. Kikoy4Kenya combines the century-old dying and weaving skills of Kenyan artisans to produce the highest quality of indigenous cotton in a rich array of patterns and hues. More than a luxurious hand woven garment, the Kikoy is a jewel from the rich Kenyan culture.  Traditionally worn as a sarong by East African men, the multi-tasking Kikoy also serves as a scarf, a dress, and a turban as well as a tapestry or a blanket.

Kikoy4Kenya began as a community project to raise money for the Koinonia Education Centre in Nairobi.  Children of the Kibagare slum are given the opportunity to receive a high class education. The school is able to give the children an opportunity to learn and grow.  K4K believes that education is the first step in eliminating poverty, and the education of the children is a step towards the education of the community. For every Kikoy4Kenya sold, K4K funds one day of education for one child.  However you wear your Kikoy4Kenya, you are wearing it as part of a global community. 

You can shop for K4K products on their website. You can also connect with K4K via Facebook and Twitter. You can check out pics of how you can incorporate kikoy in your life after the break.



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