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Regina King Covers H.A.S. Magazine

I’ve always been a huge Regina King fan. I loved her in 227, Legally Blonde, Our Family Wedding, and especially as the voices of Huey and Riley in Boondocks. She covers the latest issue of “H.A.S” magazine (Hip.Artistic.Stylish). Inside, she gives her input on the lack of color in Hollywood, interracial dating and voicing the characters Huey and Riley on The Boondocks. Check out an excerpt below:

On the misrepresentation in television and film
I have an awesome team that doesn’t see me as just a black actress, but there is a lack of representation of TV. It does not mirror real life. Life is a lot more colorful than we see on TV.

Clearing up the rumors on interracial dating
I never wrote an open letter to Black women that said they should date outside of their race. I was doing an interview about The Boondocks and the question was why the ratio of single black women to men was so high. I answered that people should date whoever makes their toes curl, even if that includes looking outside of your race.

On The Boondocks + Art vs. Censorship
People always told me that I should do voices. My agent told me about the audition for The Boondocks and really thought I should do it. I auditioned for Huey first and ended up doing both Riley and Huey.

It’s actually pretty easy because I have a young son at home so I’m living it. I definitely think it’s a show for adults but its about art vs. censorship. It has to be responsible.

In January there were rumours that she had gotten engaged. She shot down the rumours but confirmed that she is in a relationship with none other than Malcolm Jamal Warner (Theo from The Cosby Show). I think they make a cute couple!


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