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Would You Keep Your Ex’s Name After Divorce?

Such a complicated issue. Would you and should you keep your ex-husband’s last name after a divorce? I’m so tempted to say no. Actually, I never understood why we should let go of our maiden names when we get married. However, my fiance is adamant that I should take his when we do get married. The jury’s still out on that one. But what happens when a marriage ends? I think taking back your last name is a powerful way to feel reborn, and most marriages end on a bad note anyway so why not start afresh? Tameka Foster Raymond, Shaunie O’neal and Kimora Lee Simmons are just a few of the women who have chosen to keep their ex’s name. Shaunie O’neal is still using hers and this is what she had to say about it:

You know I don’t think so. I have small children and it was hard enough explaining to them why Daddy doesn’t live here anymore, so I can’t imagine how I’d explain to them why Mommy doesn’t have the same last name as them. Plus I think I earned this name…Wow. Do all divorced women get asked this?

Kimora Lee Simmons interviewed with Detroit Radio Station WJLB’s Morning Show recently and she too was asked why she was still carrying her ex-husband’s last name when she is now married to Djimon Housou.

“Oh my G-d! Cause then… I don’t know! Would my companies still be the same? Ive already been Kimora Lee Simmons for 10 years. I don’t know. Would you ask Ivana Trump that? When it comes to my brand, My brand is KLS (Kimora Lee Simmons). It would be hard to change it to KLH… I think professional the name remains the same, but in my personal life I am definitely a Hounsou… Russell doesn’t care. I worked as hard for that name as he did!”

How does Djimon feel about the “Simmons” on your name? Does he understand?

“Absolutely. If you see my products, that’s my name and that’s what I am. He’s very secure. He’s not bothered by that at all.”

And how do the men feel? In Nigeria, Fathia Balogun divorced from her movie star husband Saidi Balogun last year. She kept the name, Balogun. Saidi made this statement to the press:

As for my name that she is still answering (Fathia Balogun), the deed will be done soon. The Nigerian law says that after three or four years, you can do something about it. If somebody wants to keep my name, what of the new person coming in? This has nothing to do with grudges. How many wives do you want to keep my name? How many wives does the Nigerian law permit us to marry at a time? What does the Nigerian law say about that?”

So ladies, what do you think about it? And gentlemen, would you let her go on using your name?


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  1. I like my married last name because it just flows. I don’t feel connected to my former last name. I am trying to decide if I should go back to my maiden name after the divorce is final. Ellyn Gray (married) Ellyn Sims (maiden)

    July 11, 2012 at 6:20 pm

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