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Beyonce Gives Tips On How To Feel Sexy Around Your Man

Beyonce, who was spotted courtside at the Nets game, recently revealed that she loves to wear sexy stilletos for her man. I’ve never seen her in flats. I love heels but I only wear them for special occasions. My manual car won’t let me drive with sky high heels on my way to work. In the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, Bey gives women tips on how to feel sexy around their man:

You should put on good music and something that makes you feel great. I love a pair of high, sexy stilettos with a beautiful dress, but you have to find out what works for you – whether it’s doing the whole smoky eyes thing or a natural look. And never be predictable. Mix it up, surprise him, change your hair – be the woman he knows with a little bit of a twist.”

The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence. You can be beautiful but if you’re not secure in yourself, you don’t come across as sexy. You have to feel good about yourself to make others feel good about you. Don’t focus on the bits you don’t like. Look at yourself in a different way and work out what it is you do like.”


Now let me school you on how to wear heels. You just need to take a walk down the streets of Nairobi to know that heels aren’t for everyone.

Tip Number 1: Choose your shoes carefully. Make sure you have the right fit. Stand on a piece of paper and draw around your shoe, then draw an outline around your bare foot. You will probably find that there are bits of your foot that are wider than the shoe. Shop assistants often say that a shoe that is a bit tight will give with wear, but if they don’t fit in the shop, don’t buy them.

Avoid pointy pairs: the pressure they put on your toes can cause ingrown toenails and irreversible nail-bed damage that can lead to unsightly discolouring.

Invest in nice shoes.  Generally, shoes that have a higher cost do actually use nicer materials and have better worksmanship; they use real leather, they have a nicer fit, and there is actual padding under the sole.  I’m not saying you always have to break out the Louboutins but be aware that when you buy discount shoes their soles are padded with nothing more than cardboard, and the synthetics they use can be stiff and unforgiving (not to mention sweat-inducing), making them potentially quite achey.  Resultingly, the cost per wear for the fast-fashiony shoes can sometimes end up being higher than the more expensive ones. 

Practice.  A Lot. Walk around in your (carpeted) living room while wearing your pumps for a while, and the correct balance and right heel-wearing gait will come to you in enough time.  I found aiming for a heel-to-toe stride was most comfortable and quick for me, but it may be different for other people. Just try to get to the point where you make a “click” instead of a a “tromp,” and can avoid the dreaded sound of a heel scrape 🙂

Treat your feet nice. When your feet are really tired and achey at the end of a hard day or bad heels wearing experience, pamper them with a nice soak in hot water and a mini-pedicure, combating any aches and/or callouses that may have arisen.

Moisturising your feet regularly can help to eradicate some of the pain associated with wearing high heels. Moisturisation softens the foot making it much more malleable and so providing a better fit within largely inflexible shoes, such as those made from man-made materials. Ensure that you look after the health of your feet and this will help you feel comfortable in shoes.  

Try not to get in a heel-wearing rut.  I usually alternate wearing heels or flats, and even when I don’t, I never wear the same pair of heels twice.  Feet do not like being conformed into the same shape too repetitively, so be sure to give them a break. Wear heels either all day or all evening; never both.


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