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Coming Soon: Waiting To Exhale Sequel

I was 12 years old when Waiting To Exhale was released so I didn’t really get the hype at the time. But when I was a little older and finally watched it, I was completely blown away. It was really inspirational to see the strength women could have in the midst of all their tribulations. That’s when I knew that all the hogwash about women being the weaker sex was such a myth. Angela Bassett had me wishing for the day I could pack a man’s shit up and set it all on fire 🙂

Author Terry McMillan announced via her Twitter that the sequel to her 1995 smash hit, Waiting to Exhale, is all set and ready for the big screen. Getting to Happy will reportedly, and hopefully, hit theaters next year, and both Loretta Divine and Angela Bassett have confirmed that they will be a part of the upcoming production. I wonder if they’ve gotten Lela Rochon and Whitney Houston to come back for round two? We all know there definitely cannot be any exhaling without Whitney!

The sequel’s plot is described as:

“…Savannah, Gloria, Bernadine, and Robin fifteen years later. Each is at her own midlife crossroads: Savannah has awakened to the fact that she’s made too many concessions in her marriage, and decides to face life single again-at fifty-one. Bernadine has watched her megadivorce settlement dwindle, been swindled by her husband number two, and conned herself into thinking that a few pills will help distract her from her pain. Robin has an all-American case of shopaholism, while the big dream of her life-to wear a wedding dress- has gone unrealized. And for years, Gloria has taken happiness and security for granted. But being at the wrong place at the wrong time can change everything. All four are learning to heal past hurts and to reclaim their joy and their dreams; but they return to us full of spirit, sass, and faith in one another. They’ve exhaled: now they are learning to breathe.”

Sounds like this will be good. Can’t wait!!!



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