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Ciara and Lil Kim Perform in Zimbabwe

Ciara and Lil Kim put on quite a show in Harare, Zimbabwe this past weekend, along with Fat Joe and DJ Scratch. Timbaland, who was supposed to be the show’s headliner, was a no-show. He however apologised to disappointed fans via a recorded video message broadcasted on the big screen at the Borrowdale Racecourse. South African businessman Kenny Kunene of ZAR Empire claimed Timbaland’s plane developed a “technical fault” during refuelling.

Timbaland’s no-show was soon forgotten as Zimbabweans were treated to rousing performances by Lil Kim, Ciara and Fat Joe. Lil Kim hit the stage with her assets barely concealed as usual, gave her all and confessed how much she loved Zimbabwe. She then paid tribute to the late Notorious B.I.G – by performing two of his club hits ‘One More Chance’ and ‘Juice’. She then signed off with Billie Jean, a hit byKing of Pop Michael Jackson. Now that I would have paid good money to see. Waiting for a youtube video in 5, 4, 3, 2…

Up next was Ciara with her electric dances. The “Goodies” singer serenaded fans through a music journey that generated enough heat on and off the stage. Ciara had earlier addressed a press conference where she admitted she had not heard of Zimbabwe before she was booked. Yes, she actually said that out loud. I weep… She was criticised for apparently snubbing her fans when she arrived on Thursday. However, she seemed to make up for it when she partied at Fusion nightclub where she took the microphone and thanked fans for their love before taking a seat in the VIP area. She stood up a few times to dance, drawing wild cheers from the crowd.

Can’t seem to get much info on Fat Joe’s set. But what would he really perform? Lean Back? No one’s checking for that old mess… Time to let it go Joey. The group are now in South Africa for another performance slated for tomorrow, June 1st.

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