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FHM Names Andrej Pejic 98th Sexiest ‘Woman’

Women, we seriously need to step our game up. There’s a man on FHM’s list of sexiest women! I already told you how Andrej Pejic was taking over the catwalk. Now, FHM readers have voted him as the 98th sexiest woman in the annual round-up of the 100 Sexiest Women in the World. I want to know which men these were that voted for Pejic. I’m all for equality but this is getting to be a bit much, don’t you think?

People are also taking issue with the language FHM used in Pejic’s profile. I have to admit that the copy was quite harsh. FHM went ahead and removed Pejic’s profile with the offending copy from the online edition, but it remains in the print edition. In the profile, the writer refers to Pejic as a ‘thing’.

Check out a snapshot of the offending profile after the break.

FHM has posted an apology online.

I’m all for LGBT rights but I am not for totally disposing with the distinction between the two genders. A man is a man and a woman is a woman #mytwocents


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  1. Yasi

    Wow, here you go again trying to sound smart. “I’m all for equality…” No you are not! How can you be “all” for equality but find an androgynous guy a “bit too much?” You then go to say that you are against disposing the distinctions between the sexes. That sound like a hypocrite.

    “A man is a man and a women is a women.”

    So in your narrow mind, what makes a man an man and a woman a woman? Having a penis or a vagina? Then where does that leave people born with certain DSD conditions? Such as people born with ambiguous genitalia.

    Some women are born without Vaginas, did you know that? I could give you the name of it but I would prefer if you’d try to educate yourself by doing some real research. But I’ll give you a hint, is composed of the last names of four doctors. I’ll give you another one, it starts with a H.

    How about the men who are born with male external genitals but have internal female sex organs? I’ll give you a hint with this one too. The term starts with a P.

    Do chromosomes make a male a male and female a female? Not really! We now understand that sex development is a whole lot more complicated than just two little chromosomes. The reason why biologist that study sex development don’t refer to sex as Chromosomal Sex or Generic sex anymore, but rather a Molecular Sex. In reality person’s biological sex is the product of the molecules of the proteins encoded by genes.

    There are 30 known genes (so far) responsible for sex development. Only 3 are located in the X chromosome and only 1 in the Y chromosome. That means that you have 26 other genes responsible for sex development in other chromosomes that not not the so called “Sex Chromosomes.” They re actually found in 22 other chromosomes.

    In the US alone, 1 in every 20,000 births is of a person whose phenotype do not match their generic make up. In other words, they are born with XX chromosomes but have male genitals,mor have XY chromosomes but are born females.

    There are several reasons why this can happen. Having a double copy of the DAX1 gene or NR0B1 Gene in chromosome X. Having a defective or missing SOX9 gene in chromosome 17, or FGF9 gene in chromosome 13, SF1 gene in chromosome 11, among others, can lead an XY embryo down the female development path. Similarly to an XX embryo having a translocated copy of the SRY gene will send a XX embryo down the male development path.mThis is not taking environmental factors in consideration.

    So don’t let narrow minded and ignorant people feel you that they can tell a person’s sex by looking at their “sex” chromosomes.

    Then how about people born with chromosome abnormalities? Such as XXY, X0, XXYY, XXXY, XX/XY, XX/X0, etc. What category do they fall under if we assume that sex should be determine by chromosomes as some transphiobic people as suggested.

    Do clothes makes a man a man and a woman a woman? Not really! It depends what part of the world you travel to. Men used to wear what now days many would consider a dresses or skirts. The Romans are a great example. In some cultures men can still wear what some would consider skirts. The Romans once ejected men for wearing pants back in 393 AD. They considered wearing pants politically subversive, because the empire had lost the Battle of Adrianople 15 years before to trousered cavalrymen.

    Like someone once wrote: “Men don’t wear pants “because male chromosomes determine it;” pants are equestrian; the horse was for long centuries the best transportation; far more men than women rode; men renounced skirts for trousers; women retained skirts; finally, factory work in WW2 placed over 22 million women in Allied nations into pants. Social forces—not “brain chemistry”—cause clothing behavior. The “heretical” yet inescapable fact—skirts are “sex neutral.”

    Amen to that!

    The idea that baby blue is appropriate for baby boys and pink for baby girls is pretty dumb too. In the past, whether a boy or a girl left the hospital as a new born in pink or baby blue was determined by the color of her/his eyes. Not biological sex. Both boys and girl left the hospital in what now would be considered a dress. Boys and girls used to wear dresses until the grew big enough that they could fit in miniature versions of adult clothing. There is a famous picture of Teddy Roosevelt as a baby in a dress.

    Unlike you, I REALLY am all for equality. If women want to start dressing more like men, which they did back in the early 1900’s when they started wearing pants, then by all mean go for it. If girls want to pick up some wrenches and get dirty working under the hood of a car, which some have, by all means do, please! If women want to start cutting all their hair off and going bald, like Demi Moore and other beautiful women have in the past, please, go ahead! If women want to start wearing strap ons under their jeans – that would be funny like hell, some women have too (known as Trans men), I’m ok with that too! And if you want to see your man’s insecurities come to the surface, get a strap on that is bigger than he is. Haha!

    My point is that I truly see equality as just that…EQUALITY. Isn’t that what women have been fighting for all these years? Because if we can not break down the barriers of gender (not sex like some suggest. Equality in sex would require men to get pregnant and women to be able to inpregnate men or other women), how can we achieve equality? Then we would be fighting not for equality, but only for the improvement of female status in the world. If a female can become president of a country, why can’t a men become a women’s clothing super model? There’s no logical or biological reason why not, except for social narrow minded barriers imposed onto us all by a few.

    October 20, 2013 at 6:19 pm

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