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Miss World Kenya 2011 and Her Chances

It’s that time again. Kenya’s representative for the Miss World 2011 pageant to be held in London has been chosen and her name is Susan Anyango. Susan was crowned Miss World Kenya 2011 during the Nestea Miss World Kenya 2011 pageant held at the Oak Place Centre in Nairobi on Saturday night, July 30. Nestea teamed up with Citizen TV to bring the pageant to us in a reality style show. I didn’t get to watch it at all. However, I’m told it was quite interesting, to say the least. The talent part of the competition had a very talented “gully creepe”. Yeah I’m dead serious. Does anyone have a YouTube link?

Anyway, Susan is from South B. I think she has great potential. She’s pretty and has that supermodel look (modeling pics of her after the break). I only hope that when she opens her mouth she does not embarass Kenya although she should have plenty of time to prepare. Anyone who watched and can tell us if she sounds intelligent, feel free to share in the comments. The only issue I can see is her height. From pics with Natasha Metto, last years winner, she seems shorter. Don’t know if that will work against her. If you have her stats, feel free to share as well. Check out a few more pics of her, and pics of her African competition after the break.

Her competition from Angola is 20 year old Edmilza dos Santos:

20 year old Karabo Sampson from Botswana:

18 year old Stephanie Karikari from Ghana:

24 year old Nomasondo Mphakisoane from Lesotho:

24 year old Luzaan van Wyk from Namibia:

Sylvia Nduka repping Nigeria:

22 year old Swadu Natasha Beckley for Sierra Leone:

25 year old Bokang Montjane from South Africa:

19 year old Malaika Mushandu from Zimbabwe:

So what do you think about Susan’s competition?


2 responses

  1. grace

    she’s pretty and with some training here and there she will outdo the other beauties….

    October 6, 2011 at 4:44 pm

  2. she is cool hope she presents it well through her thinking

    February 10, 2012 at 10:59 am

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