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Mary J. Blige Covers October Issue of Ebony

Mary J. Blige has come a long way from her “What’s the 411” days. At the height of her success, Blige later admitted that she was simultaneously dealing with long time bouts of drug addiction, alcoholism, and depression, as well as an abusive relationship with then-boyfriend K-Ci Hailey of Jodeci. She has since made an amazing come-back and married her long time friend and manager – Martin Kendu Isaacs.

It’s hard to believe Mary J. Blige is 40 years old. She covers the October 2011 edition of Ebony magazine with style and elegance in a strapless leopard print dress. My only problem is her weave which looks atrocious and not what we would expect from the Queen of Hip Hop Soul. In the article, she talks about how she found out about Amy Winehouse’s death:

“When I got the text about Amy, I was lying down on the bed,’’ says Blige.  “I got up and read the message about her death and just lay back down again. I kept getting up and laying back down for some reason. I’d always wanted to work with Amy, so I just couldn’t believe it really.  And then it hit me—that could have been me. That really could have been me!”

In true ‘Mary J.’ style, Blige didn’t allow that momentary pain to hold her hostage. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul has spent most of her adult life sharing exactly what she was feeling at exactly the moment she was feeling it, no matter how raw, vulnerable or uncomfortable it may have been. She’s offered her ‘every day, every woman’ story to the world through the lens and lyrics of her songs and then wholeheartedly welcomes her loyal fans to sing right along. 

So it’s little wonder that after hitting the magical milestone age of 40, and after years of well-documented hard living, bad boys and incessant drug abuse, the Yonkers-bred diva feels obliged to share yet another nugget of hard-learned wisdom—the real joy and pleasant surprise of just being alive.


Read more in the October issue of Ebony available on news stands now!


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