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IMAN Cosmetics Partners With Somali Twin Sisters

Supermodel and cosmetics guru Iman has announced IMAN Cosmetics’ partnership with Mataano, the chic fashion design label with a global flavor. Mataano, founded by Somali twin sisters Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim, will debut its new partnership during their Fall 2012 runway show with IMAN as the lead sponsor. “I saw in the twins the drive and inspiration I had at that point in my life.  Our shared Somali background and creative visions are a natural fit,” Iman, CEO and Founder of IMAN Cosmetics said in a press statement. “We’re confident this is just the beginning of a successful and thriving partnership,” Iman added. “I’m grateful to have reached a certain point in my life and career where I can inspire young, motivated women to follow their dreams, take a risk, and never accept defeat.”

As part of the new partnership, the Mataano founders will become brand ambassadors for IMAN. They will also work with the brand to assist with future global events, Fashion Week shows, a limited editorial color collection and IMAN’s Fall 2012 campaign.

“It’s an honor to represent and have the support of a makeup giant like IMAN Cosmetics,” Idyl Mohallim said in a statement. “IMAN Cosmetics is about providing options for all different shades of skin and acknowledging and addressing variety in beauty and cosmetics.” Her sister, Ayaan, also stressed the importance of ensuring that their runway models represent the diversity of Mataano’s brands and that the support of IMAN would assist in completing that look.

Originally from Somalia, Ayaan and Idyl relocated to Washington D.C. with their family for a better life. After graduating from Boston University and The University of Michigan, they headed to the big apple, determined to make their mark in the fashion and design world.

After they both graduated from college, Ayaan and Idyl took on internships in the fashion industry in New York City. Ayaan interned with Jill Stuart, a noted fashion designer since the early 90’s. Ayaan worked with vintage style fabrics and other classic forms and learned how to give them a more modern edge. Idyl decided to intern with Betsy Johnson, who is mostly known for very feminine and quirky designs.

In 2008, Ayaan and Idyl launched Mataano, which means ‘twins’ in the Somali language. Mataano’s Spring 2009 collection debuted in November of 2008, in New York City. The collection featured ten dresses. This blossoming success didn’t go unnoticed, because Oprah invited both sisters on her show (Young Millionaire Moguls episode). Oprah compared their success to the Olsen Twins and applauded them for their wonderful achievements. The Mataano sisters are making serious moves. They are an inspiration. Reinforcing that with hard work and determination, anything is possible.

Check out their website here.


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