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Melanie Fiona on Her 2 Grammy Awards & Heartbreak

Not many people are aware that Melanie Fiona won 2 Grammy Awards this year. If you’re one of them, don’t beat yourself up because she was among those who got their awards prior to the live broadcast of the show. Melanie and Cee Lo Green won 2 Grammy Awards for their song “Fool For You” in the categories of Best Traditional R&B Performance and Best R&B Song. Jimmy Jam presented the award, and almost accepted it on their behalf; however, Melanie had other plans. Wearing high heels and a floor-length gown, she came running to the stage to accept the award. Fiona humbly accepted the award and thanked Whitney Houston for paving a way for artists like her.

Melanie recently dished about her new album The MF Life which hits stores March 20th, the Grammys, Whitney, Love and the secret she’s been holding inside:

Tell me a secret?
My heart is breaking right now.

Why’s your heart breaking?
Someone broke it. It breaks for the disappointment I feel for that person.

Interesting. We’ll get back to that. You just won two Grammy’s. What does that feel like?
It is the absolute definition of dreams coming true. Not like when you fall in love or get the job you want. When you really dream of something your entire life, to be able to actually achieve that…and there’s no ‘almost’ achieving it. You either win a Grammy or you don’t. So it’s more than amazing.

Take us through the day of the Grammy’s…
Well I wake up and instantly I’m sad about Whitney. Normally I’m frantic but I was very still. Everything was laid out from the night before, dress, shoes, accessories, there wasn’t a missing piece. But the mood in the suite was just, still. So Whitney’s All At Once was playing in the background as I was getting my makeup done, and I just started singing. It was like I needed to sing it out. And then I was ok.

Is that your favorite Whitney song?
I can’t pick just one. Didn’t We Almost Have It All, Run To You, All At Once, Moment in Time, there’s too many to choose.  The Greatest Love Of All

Ok, so back to the Grammy’s. You’re all dressed…
I styled myself for everything. I found my dress in Dallas, this amazing Luca Luca gown. I didn’t want to go in your typical beautiful gown, I wanted to go as an artist. So I got in the car, I did press. My parents were already there, I text Cee-lo and Jack Splash and they said they were there with me in spirit…Everything just came together as I envisioned. I felt like a winner that day, regardless of the award or not.

And then they call your name…
They called my name and it took a moment, for it to process that I’d won. The most emotional part had to be hugging my mom. My parents are immigrants. They came here for something better. So to be there with me…

And then they thought you weren’t there, right?
OH MY GOD! So I pull it together and I come running up in the gown, and I’m breathing heavy thinking ’Melanie don’t fall in the gown, do not look goofy.’ I spoke from my heart. I didn’t have a speech prepared, but I always knew in my heart the people I needed to thank. Remember the people that help you, every single day.

And then immediately after, you win a second one…
It was…surreal.

Now here we are, this brings us to The MF Life. What does mean?
The MF Life is all about finding that balance. Sometimes life is Magnificent/Fantastic, sometimes life is a Mother F-cker. It’s Music For Life. It’s Melanie Fiona…It’s all these puns. It’s about the ups and downs. Life is never the same all the time. You may be down right now, you may be on top of the world, but you’re not going to stay in that place forever.  So just live your MF Life. Live on purpose.

Is that something you search for, balance?
Oh absolutely. My life is constantly teaching me about it, pulling my coattails every day. Perfect example: My first show after winning two Grammys and the people are coming over to me and telling me that I’m not getting a sound check because the other artists have gone over their time. And I just have to smile, like ‘of course.’

This is your second album. Are you feeling the pressure?
Pressure. Validation. Excitement. I’m in a grateful place. People are really paying attention. I feel confident about this album. We’ve moved the album up. I’ve worked wit amazing partners: Salaam Remi, Andrea Martin, No ID, J Cole, Nas, B.o.B., John Legend. I’ve told my best stories.

What have you learned since your first album The Bridge?
The biggest lesson I’ve learned is that there’s always more work to do. Never get comfortable. There’s always new heights to reach. And that’s what drives me. I’ve learned that music has power.

So back to this broken heart of yours, can it be fixed?
There’s always a way to fix a broken heart. But it has to start with me first. Resentment is an awful thing to have. And I believe that people can grow…So if someone decides they’re in a better place to be better to my heart, than sure, he can fix it.

So in the meantime, you’re single?
I’m single. But I’d rather be happily single than miserably in love.

Is the heartbreak on the album?
It’s all over the album. A bit of what I’ve learned is in each song. I’m in no rush for wrong love. But if right love is outside that door, I’m ready. Love is the foundation of everything. It just has to be right. And I know what’s wrong now.

What’s wrong?
Love and relationships are really simple. It could be so simple but you’d rather make it hard.

Oh Lauryn!
Lauryn was right. Love isn’t supposed to be hard.



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