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Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Family Murders

Hi guys! I’m back! Finally getting back the strength to blog. My mum regularly commented on my blog and I really miss her. What better way to come back than with Jennifer Hudson, a person who has shown such tremendous strength in the face of debilitating tragedy. Jennifer and her fiancé, David Otunga were featured on Own’s Next Chapter last night in a very candid interview with Oprah  Winfrey. During the interview, Jennifer talked about her family murders and whether  she’s forgiven William Balfour as well as her weight loss and feeling the pressures of Hollywood.  Meanwhile, David  chatted about whether or not she was sexier before the  weight loss, wanting a daughter and the two revealed that they are  planning to get married within the next two years.

Check out some excerpts:

On If She’s More Comfortable At This Size:

I’ve always  been comfortable in my skin. I like the skin that I’m in. I don’t ever feel like  I was uncomfortable. I honestly don’t. Yes, at times I feel sexier. At times.  [when asked if she feels prettier:] I was always cute.

David On if He Thinks She’s Sexier at a Size 6 or 16:

You  know honestly, it’s pretty much the same. It hasn’t really changed that much to  be honest. She’s a little more confident now and that kind of sticks out but to  me, but I liked her then too. Very much so. I kind of like the curves. I love  the way she looks now but I’ll be honest, I enjoy  the curves.

One of the things that’s sexiest to me is when she’s doing motherly things.  It’s just like, it’s a complete different side.

J Hud On Being Called ‘The Big Girl’ in Interviews After ‘Dreamgirls’:

I had lost, like, 60 pounds then. I was exercising  everyday, I got down to a size 12 and I got to Hollywood and they were like, ‘How do you feel being the big girl?’ and I was like [looks around], ‘Who are  they talking to?’ I literally looked around like, this is normal. This is fine.  This is average. Where I come from this  is totally fine so I couldn’t understand. Or, another one they would say is, ‘Do  you feel insecure being the big girl?’ and I’m like, ‘Why should I feel  insecure?’ I remember saying I have the height of a model, I have lips people  pay for — things like that. I was highlighting these things.”

On Her Wedding:

There is a wedding date.[…]As a matter of fact, you were the one who said, ‘Take your time.

On If They Want More Kids:

David: We definitely [want a  daughter]. We want to have at least one of each.

On Her Family’s Murders:

I can’t say that I have  [explained these deaths to myself]. I don’t know the proper words because I  never would have imagined this being anywhere near my life or a part of it or  ever happening. Who could imagine that. No one. It’s like, I can’t even say it,  and when I [do] say it, that’s when I find myself being most emotional. How  could this happen? Did this really happen? You know what I mean? That’s when you  know it’s real when you find yourself saying it, or having to say it.

[Seeing William Balfour in the courtroom] made my skin crawl.

On If She’s Forgiven Balfour:

Yes. For the most part it’s  not his fault. It’s what he was taught, how he was brought up. We tried to offer  love but you were so far gone you couldn’t even see that. A lot of things came  out that we didn’t even know about from his upbringing so it’s like, he never  had a chance. You never had a chance. Had you had the love that our mother gave  us or the background that some have, then you would’ve stood a chance. So how could your heart not go out to that.[…]He’s still very responsible, I’m not  letting him off the hook for anything.

On Thinking of Her Family as ‘Gone’ & Not ‘Murdered’:

That is the part that hurts you. Like, little things make me think of it.  Again, in knowing everything that happened and how it happened  — I  remember one time when William had an  argument with my sister, they had split up and [Oprah says ‘the murderer’] — see, I don’t even know how to say that — he went up to her job and he told her I’m going to take Julien. Julien went  home and told my mother, and she said ‘Over my dead body.’ That’s exactly what  happened.

Check out video from the show on Oprah’s Next Chapter.


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