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Is Naomi Campbell Dating an Oga Broda?


Naomi Campbell sure knows how to pick ’em…billionaires that is. Naomi and Nigerian billionaire Kola Aluko were first linked together back in October 2013 when they were photographed shopping in Paris. But everyone knows it’s just a rumour until Page Six reports it:

Naomi Campbell may have been spotted in Kenya with her ex- boyfriend, Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore, but the supermodel is still casually seeing Nigerian oil mogul Kola Aluko.

Campbell and Aluko were first linked together back in October, when the two were photographed shopping in Paris. But the pair reunited in London last week, when Campbell and Aluko were spotted taking in the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. A source insists the two are just friends, saying, “They have a close friendship and maintain that friendship.”


According to Forbes, Kola Aluko is a Nigerian energy and aviation tycoon who founded oil trading firm Fossil Resources in 2001, then went on to become CEO of Exoro Energy- an indigenous oil exploration and production firm. In 2007, the company merged with Seven Energy, a leading independent oil exploration company. Aluko is now Deputy CEO and a leading shareholder of Seven Energy, which has operations and key interests in four onshore fields in the Niger Delta. Aluko is also a member of the advisory board of Vista Jet, a Swiss-based private jet charter company founded by Thomas Flohr. A passionate car racing enthusiast, Aluko has competed in major European races with the Swiss team Kessel racing.  In June 2012, Kola Aluko was reported to have purchased two luxury ultra-modern estates in Beverly Hills for $40 million.

Whatever the hell she’s doing, she needs to be extremely careful. Rumour has it that he is a money launderer for Nigeria’s oil minister, Diezani Madukwe and a suspect in the $7billion NNPC, Swiss Oil company explosive fraud which hit Nigeria’s news headlines last year. He is also said to have two wives who are suffering in neglect from his “extracurricular activities.”


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