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Angela Bassett Glams Up for Ebony March 2014 Cover


56 year old actress and Yale graduate, Angela Bassett, seems to be aging like fine wine. After tearing up the red carpet at the Golden Globes this year, she’s the cover girl for the March 2014 issue of Ebony magazine. The actress looks stunning in a Michael Kors dress while her makeup is soft and flawless with a dark lip. She’s wearing Fashion Fair Cosmetics Perfect Finish Concealer and Perfect Finish Illuminating Powder.

In this issue, the American Horror Story: Coven actress offered some advice to aspiring actors, including how to keep going in difficult times:

ON HOW TO KEEP MOTIVATED IN THE ACTING FIELD: You’ve got to keep a good attitude.  You can’t think, ‘This is it [during the lean times], because that’s when it’s going to break open for you. You’ve got to be ready; you’ve got to be prepared.

Whatever you’re dealing with seems like a mountain to you, but we truly aren’t in it alone. Sometimes we need others to talk us off the cliff or to just talk to us or to be there with us [in order] to support us or love us.

ON PURSUING EXCELLENCE & STAYING GROUNDED: I understand where I come from; the strength and the people I come from. I know what has been endured and sacrificed.

This issue is on news stands now.


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