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Kenya’s First Mockumentary Exposes Dark Side Of NGOs


People have always wondered what impact, if any, NGOs have on the people they presume to help. Africa, as a whole, is practically infested with NGOs claiming to do this or the other. But are they making any positive impact?

The Samaritans is a new comedy TV series from Kenya, about an NGO that literally does nothing. The new mockumentary series, produced by Kenya-based Xeinium, profiles the fictitious relief organization Aid for Aid whose ambiguous mission is to “save Africa.” The show’s characters, who work out of a Kenyan field office, have no idea what that mission entails or how they’re supposed to go about fulfilling it. But what the characters do succeed in doing is exposing the dark underbelly of the nonprofit world. The show explores how funds are often wasted on extraneous expenses and how ill-equipped college grads are sent to spearhead major campaigns they can’t handle, “Samaritans” creator Hussein Kurji told Africa is a Country. For example, one character named Scott is an Ivy League graduate whose only prior experience in Africa was a six-week internship in Casablanca, Morocco, according to the show’s Kickstarter site.

Kurji told Africa is a Country that he was inspired to develop the show because there are more than 4,000 NGOs registered in Kenya and far too many untold stories exist from these groups. (more…)


Solange Knowles Sings For Africa In New Song “Kenya”

I love Solange Knowles. Not just because she cares for my lovely Africa, but also because she is a wonderful musician who uses her voice for the greater good. Solange is using her voice to raise awareness and funds for The Coca-Cola Africa Foundation’s Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN). The organization’s focus is to give African schools and communities direct access to safe drinking water and sanitation. Half of Africa’s population suffers from diseases related to unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation, and is looking to increase to 47 million in three years if nothing changes. To this end, Solange has teamed up with Chris Taylor, Twin Shadow and director Natalie Johns to create “Kenya”, a donate to download track. (more…)

Conde Nast Says No To Vogue Africa

Cameroonian photographer Mario Epanya went all out in his campaign to make Vogue Africa a reality. In order to get publisher Conde Nast to see the potential in the magazine–that would pay homage to African women–he created fictional covers, featuring gorgeous images, but it looks like it wasn’t enough. Conde Nast has turned down Epanya’s bid for the magazine.

I am furious! So Africa is not good enough to have its own Vogue edition according to Conde Nast. We need an African magazine with uniquely African stories. So if they won’t help us, I say we do it ourselves. Viva Africa!

See more of Epanya’s fictional covers and an excerpt from Mario’s Vogue Italia interview after the break. (more…)