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Bow Ties Are Back In Vogue!!!

I’ve never really been into bow ties. Martin Shikuku totally ruined it for me when I was growing up. However, when it comes to fashion, I’m quite open to trying new things. I’m totally amped that these days women too can play around with bow ties. I’m a regular reader of the blog Mr. Talented because he always features cool new stuff. He has created bow ties out of 11 dice, with some pieces drawing inspiration from artists like Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Janelle Monae. See more pics after the break. (more…)


Sex Talk With Andre 3000



I was doing something today (can’t tell you what) that reminded me about this interview that Andre did with Playboy. Let’s just say it makes you feel like you know him intimately… No wonder Erykah Badu was so strung out…

What music do you listen to during sex?
I listen to jazz — Coltrane, the Isley Brothers, Anita Baker. We call them “fuck tapes.” A f*ck tape is a compilation tape that you’ve made yourself with all your favorite songs. You usually start it off with a nice little groove, you know, and by the end of the tape it’s just real slow. It’s kind of like the soundtrack to that night.

What’s your favorite sexual act?
Kissing. All over the body.

What’s your favorite part of the female anatomy?

The nipples. I like puffy nipples. Long, hard nipples that look like thumbs sticking out.

What’s the most memorable sexual experience you’ve ever had?
One time I had sex at a baseball field. It wasn’t really the sex; it was the environment. We were just riding around. It was a rainy night, and we went into this scorebox where the announcers sit and call the game. “Bases loaded. And his hand goes here…!”

Have you ever had sex with a groupie or a fan?
Yes, of course. I didn’t have sex with this one girl, but the way she approached me was kind of funny. We had just walked into this stadium, and she comes up. She didn’t say, “Hey,” or “Hi,” or “My name is so-and-so.” She just said, “Can I have sex with you tonight?” (more…)