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Boris Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker on How to Have A Successful Marriage

Nothing inspires you to want great love in your life more than seeing it in action, right in front of you. Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker, have been married for seven years after meeting on the set of Showtime’s Soul Food over ten years ago. Now, the two are ready to dish on how they have managed to maintain a successful marriage.

They caught up with Essence.com during the Valentine’s Day season and dished on the keys to a successful marriage. Boris says that being best friends is number one on the list. Nicole tells the ladies to tone down the nagging and stop following the ‘how to keep your man’ advice from your girls (Can I get an AMEN???). According to Nicole, your man will notice a good home cooked meal before he notices how great you look in those new shoes or purse.

Boris: I think what’s important is that you’re friends and that you like each other. That’s number one. If you like each other, you have fun with each other and you make each other laugh. You enjoy each others presence then that’s a great foundation to have, first of all. We make each other laugh and keep it sexy. It’s like with everything else — if you want to be successful in a business you have to work everyday to make that happen. A relationship is no different. If you want a relationship that’s flourishing and great and fun and successful, you’ve got to put effort into it every day. We try to do that for each other and with each other. (more…)


How To Be A Man – Tips From Boris Kodjoe

Dating these days is quite complicated. I feel like men these days are nothing like our grand fathers. There was a certain standard men aspired to when it came to relationships. Women were put on pedestals and treated like queens. I was out with a friend of mine the other day at a house party. Only beer was available and I do not drink the frothy stuff. So he made a quick run to the store for something for me to drink. I kid you not, every guy there gave him grief about it. They were saying that he must have a crush on me to go out of his way like that because they would have made me drink whatever was available. It was just so saddening. A brother was just being a gentleman.

Anyway, thank goodness for men like Boris Kodjoe. They restore my faith in the male species. Boris, who has been married to Nicole Ari Parker for the last six years,  recently gave some good insight into what a ‘Good Man’ should be while conversing with model/actress Claudia Jordan.  Claudia tweeted that her mother told her to find ‘some rich, ugly producer and marry him’ because of her troubles with finding a quality man in LA.   Boris responded:

“Why he gotta be ugly? Honestly, I think LA is cancerous for relationships. The hustle mentality and ‘gotta make it’ attitude keeps people from cultivating a real connection. No one has time to take anyone in. Everyone is self-centered and wants to  ‘keep it moving’ Dudes here are so insecure that they have to switch up a girl every week to hide their ‘weaknesses’. A real man embraces them!”

From that response, he went on to create the trending topic, #How2baMan, where he shared what he believes are qualities that all men should possess.  Check them out below: (more…)

Have You Always Wondered About Beyonce and Jay-Z’s Relationship?

I’ve always been intrigued by the relationship between Beyonce and Jay-Z. Somehow, the two have managed to keep everything about their relationship out of the public eye. Which just makes us want to know more. In the new issue of Ebony magazine, they are named as Music’s Most Powerful Couple. The issue also has 2 other covers: One with the Obamas as the Couple With a Purpose, and the other with Boris Kodjoe and Nicole Ari Parker as  Hollywood’s Most Passionate Couple.

Dream Hampton, (the woman behind Jay-Z’s autobiography Decoded) has written an intimate article about Jay and Beyonce’s relationship. She makes it sound too good to be true. Check it out:

He is her best friend, someone who immediately and implicitly understands her life, not only as a star, but as a hard-working driven artist

“For all their might as solo power players, their relationship is remarkably free of drama. They sit around in their pajamas and watch cable and snuggle, which may, after all, be the ultimate fantasy. When they climb off the couch from beneath their favorite cashmere throws or disembark from their yachts, they work as if James Brown were their boss. (more…)

3 Hot Men On Essence October Cover

Ladies please make sure you grab your copy of Essence Mag’s October issue. On the cover they have Blair Underwood, Boris Kodjoe and Lance Gross. These 3 dashing men will be speaking about their love for black women. I think Essence is trying to make up for the time when they featured Reggie Bush in their “Black Men, Love and Relationships” issue (he was dating a non-black woman, Kim Kardashian at the time). I think it’s time for men to stop justifying who they are in love with. I could care less who you’re sleeping with. I just want to see you with your shirt off 🙂

Gentlemen, you’re not forgotten here. Check out the September 40th Anniversary cover and see if Iman, Naomi Campbell and Liya Kebede do anything for you. (more…)