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Wanuri Kahiu In Vogue Italia

Kudos to Film Director, Wanuri Kahiu, for making it into Vogue Italia! Making Kenyans proud! She won an award for Best Short Film in Cannes for Pumzi. From the interview, she sounds really down to earth in spite of all her achievements. 2010 is your year girl! And it’s just the beginning!

“Fashion for me is how you feel inside and what is reflected on the outside. So how you move is style and fashionable, it doesn’t have to be something that’s in season, it’s just what really makes you look the best and feel the best.” (more…)


Should Ladies Wear Panties?

We all know Paris Hilton does not like her undies. She’s been rather quiet lately though. But this week, while partying in the VIP area of a club in Cannes, she “accidentally” informed the rest of the world that she hasn’t changed her motto of No Panties! 🙂 I don’t care whether another woman is not wearing panties, just don’t broadcast it to the rest of us. Pop it for a peek at Paris #noassatall Hilton. (more…)

Naomi Campbell at Cannes Festival

Naomi Campbell, our feisty diva, has been out and about at the Cannes Festival. This one fashion choice looks quite like a Halloween costume interesting. How about you decide. Green for YES and Red for NO… More pics after the jump. (more…)