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Drake Covers GQ’s First Ever Style Bible

For everything a man needs to know to look his best in 2012, please grab a copy of GQ’s first ever Style Bible. The April 2012 issue features multiple cover stars: Drake, John Slattery and Dave Franco. Of course you know where my interest lies. Drake gets suited up, lined up and exfoliated in the Spring photo shoot.

The interview concept is really interesting. He practiced his perfect first date on Claire Hoffman, the female reporter who wrote his cover story. Check out how she describes Drake’s mansion:

The backyard of Drake’s mansion is indistinguishable from the set of one of those late-night Lifetime soft-core romance flicks. Waterfalls gush all around, surging over enormous boulders. Bronze animals—lions, elephants, giraffes!—checker the lawn, glimmering in the last light of the San Fernando Valley sun. A giant fire, fit for a king from Middle-earth, burns in an outdoor fireplace, and a flat-screen TV plays Sixteen Candles.

First, there was dinner by the pool while Sixteen Candles played on a flat screen. Next, he poured up some white wine spritzers before giving her a tour of the crazy pool at his Hollywood mansion. Then, she asked to see his closet. And when he showed her to his security-coded bedroom hidden behind a bookshelf with a California King Bed inside with custom sheets and a projector screen floating above, he asked the hypothetical question, “We had wine and dinner by the pool, I brought you inside, I brought the projector down; are you or are you not sleeping with me?” I know many of you ladies would be screaming “YES!!!” at the top of your voices, never mind that it’s supposed to be a first date… (more…)


Hip Hop’s Top 20 Earners in 2011

It’s that time again when Forbes releases their annual Cash Kings of Hip Hop list. For the third year in a row, Jay-Z tops the list with an estimated revenue of $37 million in the last year. Jay-Z who unveiled his long-awaited collaboration with Kanye West – Watch the Throne this week, continues to reap the benefits of a 10-year $150 million Live Nation deal, as well as stakes in the New Jersey Nets, the 40/40 Club chain, ad firm Translation and others. This year marked the first time he out-earned wife Beyonce since their marriage in 2008. In last year’s list, his earnings were estimated at $63 million.

Touring was one of the many revenue streams they looked at to come up with the Cash Kings list, which charts pretax earnings for all living artists whose work is primarily classified as hip-hop or rap. The estimates also include income from record sales, digital downloads, films, merchandise sales, endorsements, books and other ventures; management, agent and attorney fees are not deducted. Earnings were calculated for the period from May 2010 to May 2011 and based on data from Pollstar, Nielsen SoundScan, the RIAA and individual record labels, as well as interviews with numerous lawyers, media buyers, managers and many of the artists themselves.

Check out who else made the list after the break. (more…)

50 Cent’s 2 Cents On Face Tatoos

I really don’t like 50 Cent. As a matter of fact, I unfollowed him on twitter when I realized he can be very ignorant. Regardless of how I feel about him, I can honestly say that I completely agree with him when it comes to face tatoos. They are never a good idea. Thankfully Kenyans are an educated lot and would not even think about pulling such a stunt…well, I hope (If you send in pics of a Kenyan with a face tatoo, I am willing to buy you lunch. It has to be a permanent tatoo for this offer to apply 🙂 ).

Back to 50 Cent. He recently had the numerous tattoos on his body removed because he didn’t want them to interfere with him getting major movie roles. He is featured on the cover of the upcoming issue of Vibe magazine where he offers his views on face tatoos and thoughts on Drake not winning the Grammy for Best New Artist. You can also check out some pics of celebrities with face tatoos after the break. (more…)

Who Is Esperanza Spalding?

I know I’m not the only one out there who was shocked when the Grammy winner for Best New Artist was read out. There were only 2 people we really took seriously as contenders: Justin Bieber and Drake. Thank goodness Bieber did not win though I know teenage hearts all of the world shattered at that moment. Esperanza’s win angered Justin’s fans who caused a fracas online. They immediately attacked Esperanza’s Wikipedia page, changing her middle name from “Justin” to “quesadilla” and back to “Justin” again. I’ve been trying to find out more about Esperanza.  Her music is really good but she’s not a new artist. I’m kind of confused about the criteria for Best New Artist award. Despite that, I’m glad the Grammys are back to recognizing REAL talent as opposed to popular music. If you’re mad, just think of what you’d feel if Soulja Boy won a Grammy…he’s popular isn’t he? Here are a few things you need to know about Esperanza:

President Obama sings her praises. She’s headlined multiple performances for him, one following his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech in 2009, marking the first time jazz was played at the ceremony instead of classical music. (more…)

Relationship Tips From Drake

Drake is featured in the current issue of the Cosmopolitan magazine, giving relationship tips on how to hook a man, how to keep a man, and even how to move on after a break-up. I’m amazed that I agree with everything he’s saying. He’s really not my cuppatea but I like how he thinks. Starting to look very sexy…

Cosmopolitan: Is it hard for guys to get over breakups?
Definitely. Even after a long time, it’s painful to see an ex with somebody else. As happy as you are that she’s happy, there’s a little tingle underneath your heart. It’s not a sting. But it hurts a bit, and you wish it wasn’t there. (more…)

Guess Who…

This one may not be that easier. He is currently a very popular rapper. The pics are from a new MTV show, When I was 17. I didn’t really like him at first, but his new video has made me give him a chance…

Pop it for more pics. (more…)