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Hip Hop’s Top 20 Earners in 2011

It’s that time again when Forbes releases their annual Cash Kings of Hip Hop list. For the third year in a row, Jay-Z tops the list with an estimated revenue of $37 million in the last year. Jay-Z who unveiled his long-awaited collaboration with Kanye West – Watch the Throne this week, continues to reap the benefits of a 10-year $150 million Live Nation deal, as well as stakes in the New Jersey Nets, the 40/40 Club chain, ad firm Translation and others. This year marked the first time he out-earned wife Beyonce since their marriage in 2008. In last year’s list, his earnings were estimated at $63 million.

Touring was one of the many revenue streams they looked at to come up with the Cash Kings list, which charts pretax earnings for all living artists whose work is primarily classified as hip-hop or rap. The estimates also include income from record sales, digital downloads, films, merchandise sales, endorsements, books and other ventures; management, agent and attorney fees are not deducted. Earnings were calculated for the period from May 2010 to May 2011 and based on data from Pollstar, Nielsen SoundScan, the RIAA and individual record labels, as well as interviews with numerous lawyers, media buyers, managers and many of the artists themselves.

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10 Year Old Ethers Lil Wayne

It’s no secret that the state of hip hop today is just so disappointing. No one raps about real issues anymore. It’s just blinged out, ignorant and basic rhymes. Since none of us have been man or woman enough to call these rappers out on their BS, a Baltimore based group of three sisters that refer to themselves as “Watoto From The Nile” have released an open letter to Lil Wayne that has created a bit of buzz on the internet. According to their youtube, they are fed up with the constant degredation of black women in hip hop and have decided to express their concerns through a rap song dedicated to the rapper (which ironically uses the beat of his song “I’m Single”). Check out the lyrics:

Verse 1
This message is to Mr. Wayne, I’m sorry plus I must complain
About what you do and what you say. I’m sorry that I feel this way
And I’m a girl that’s only 10, but for my sisters I must represent.

How old are you? I know you’re 20-something. Excuse me for the interruption.
I guess that means that you’re a man, but something I can’t understand. (more…)

Ice Cube’s Top 10 Rap Tracks of All Time

I’m kind of a hip hop fan. I use the words “kind of” because I can’t compete with those who know every word of Dead Presidents, and I can’t remember the exact dates when Tupac or Biggie died. However, I love hip hop because it really helped make great memories when I was in school. I shudder to think what memories kids these days will make when Soulja Boy is actually considered a rapper!!!

Anyway, I digress. I came across Ice Cube’s Top 10 Rap Tracks of all time and I figured I’d share with you:

10. “I Got 5 on It” Luniz 1995.

9. “Life Is…Too Short” Too Short.

8. “The Humpty Dance” Digital Underground (1989).

7. “What’s My Name” Snoop Doggy Dogg

6. “It Was a Good Day” Ice Cube (1992). (more…)

Richest Men In Hip Hop 2010

This week, Forbes released their annual Cash Kings of Hip Hop list. There are plenty of surprises while some are expected. Like Jay-Z. He tops the list for the second year in a row! He raked in an estimated $63 million, which includes a worldwide tour (grossing about $1 million per show), co-ownership in the 40/40 club, and stake in the New Jersey Nets.

Jay-Z pulled in $63 million over the past 12 months, earning him his second straight hip-hop cash crown. His income level places him in the 35% tax bracket, which means he’ll pay Uncle Sam about $22 million this year–a sum greater than the total earnings of any other rap star besides second-ranked Diddy.

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