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Taye Diggs: Tyson Beckford Helped Me Love My Skin Colour

Happy New Year Everyone!!! First off, I have to apologize for my absence. I was busy planning my wedding and yes, I did finally get hitched. Best feeling in the world! See me on the side and I’ll tell you all the details later 🙂

What better way to start the year than with the big hunk of chocolate goodness that makes you get your groove back! Yes, it’s none other than Mr. Taye Diggs! Taye says he wasn’t always comfortable in his own skin. It wasn’t until he was an adult that he could overcome and get past all the insults he had heard growing up because he’s dark-skinned. He has written a children’s book called ‘Chocolate Me!’ where he draws from hurtful personal experiences from when he was younger and teaches kids to be happy just the was they are.

He also recently sat down with MyBrownBaby.com and revealed that it wasn’t until he accidentally came across an article about Tyson Beckford that he was proud to be dark. As a dad with a 2-year-old interracial son, Taye discusses raising a mixed race child,  how race affected him growing up, his parent’s making sure he always had positive black influences and how he feels Denzel and Wesley Snipes created a “shift” in the industry for the dark chocolate brothas.

On Growing Up With the ‘Light vs Dark’ Stigma (more…)


Kelly Rowland on Interracial Dating and Nude Pics

If you’re a regular reader then you know that I’m Kelly Rowland’s number 1 stan 🙂 She’s such a classy and talented young woman. She was recently on Power 105.1’s Breakfast Club show  where she discussed everything from Beyonce’s recent split with Mathew Knowles, to the type of men she is attracted to. Check out excerpts from the interview below:

On her genre of music
It’s so funny because everybody tried to put me in a box “Oh, so you do dance now.” For me, I don’t allow nobody to do that to me. At the same time I was recording dance music, I was recording “Smooches,” I was recording all these different types of records that were more so urban. I just tried something out and it just so happened to work. I love it all…if I can do it all, then why not?

The world would like to put you in a box. They just believe since you’re black, you should do black music, so when you go and try and do something else and that works “Oh, she’s a black girl doing dance music.” Jodie Watley showed us we can do it all, Diana Ross showed us we can do it all.

Why do you think you’re received dance music more than America?
Actually America is getting more into dance. You got Chris Brown who just did “Beautiful People,” (which is my morning song) to Akon who did “Sexy Bitch” and Rihanna did a lot of dance music. I think that music has these different feels now where you can just play. You’re allowed to be an artist and I think that’s dope.

You’ve dated all kinds of guys from different places. Do you recommend dating a white guy? (more…)

8 Reasons To Date A White Man

Yes, I know. The title sounds preposterous. I was as angry as you when I saw this. I spotted it at Madame Noire. This article was written by a lady called LaShaun Williams. She started off with a sort of disclaimer that she’s married to a black man. “I am married to a Black man—dark-skinned, 100 percent cocoa.” However, she goes on to say, “To me, there is nothing more physically beautiful on this earth. Notice I said physically. Outside of that, there are plenty of more financially, intellectually and emotionally stable options.” Black men, specifically African-American men, should be highly offended by this generalization. Anyway, here are her 8 reasons: (more…)