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Update On Jackson Mwangi

Remember the story of Jackson Mwangi I had featured here? I just can’t stop thinking about this. I can’t even imagine how Jackson Mwangi’s family and Randi Huntley’s family are feeling right now. I’m sure Mr. Mwangi must have been a regular guy. I could even imagine being friends with him. Just to update you on the story, he did confess and gave details on exactly what happened on that fateful day. Like I said, it was a story of love gone wrong. He just couldn’t accept that life with his family as he knew it was over. Someone should have been able to talk to him before things went this far. America is a very harsh place and finding someone to confide in can prove to be very difficult. But he had his whole family there so I can’t understand why he felt alone.

Graphic details of Randi Huntley’s death on June 1 emerged Thursday afternoon when Jackson Mwangi appeared in Plaistow District Court for a probable cause hearing. Mwangi is charged with first-degree murder for allegedly stabbing the 25-year-old Huntley multiple times, striking her with a sledgehammer and then running over her as he sped away from her home at 67B Cobbler’s Ridge Road in Danville.

State Police Sgt. Robert Estabrook testified that Mwangi later admitted to the killing after he was arrested a short time later when he was found pulled over on the side of Route 101 in Exeter.

On the day of the murder, Mwangi, 28, told police that he stopped at a Walmart in Hudson, where he purchased a hunting knife and “cable or zip ties,” Estabrook said. He then drove to a Salem Walmart and bought a BB gun. Estabrook said Mwangi and Huntley’s 4-year-old son, Jaden, was with Mwangi at the time. (more…)


Kenyan Held For Murder

This is really sad on so many different levels. 28-year-old Jackson Mwangi, of Manchester, N.H., stabbed Randi Ann Huntley, 25, on June 1, which happened to be Mwangi’s birthday. Prosecutors said Mwangi also drove his car over her. She died at a hospital, where she was rushed after officers found her bleeding near her home in Danville, N.H. Mwangi was arrested several hours later. His last update on his Facebook Wall was on May 31 saying “i have fuck my life up good the last few weeks. only god can help me.” (more…)