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Estelle Talks Love and Pain in ES Magazine

I’ve been a huge fan of Estelle since she first hit the scene with “American Boy.” She’s starting of the year on a high note bringing sophistication to the cover of London’s Evening Standard. But things weren’t always so glamorous for the British singer. Inside, she talks what it was like growing up with six siblings and one parent and how she transformed from a “skinny, black girl in the ghetto” to the stunning black woman she is today.

After her first label dropped her in 2007, Estelle moved to New York City to try to breakthrough in America, and a chance run-in with Kanye West led to the production of her Grammy-winning single “American Boy.” Estelle is busy promoting her new project ‘All of Me’, and she shared her emotional connection to her newest single “Thank You,” written by Akon.

On how she met Kanye
“I’d been working with a producer in Los Angeles and it hadn’t been going well. So I flew to New York and listened to Kanye West’s ‘Can’t Tell Me Nothing: The Official Mixtape’ in my hotel room. Then I went out for a walk and saw him in a fricking restaurant. I prayed to God for him to come out. And he did. We chatted. I said, ‘I love you. I also want to meet John Legend; I want to work with him.’ Kanye told me that John was inside, eating. (more…)


Ebony Magazine 65th Anniversary Covers

Last week I shared with you an iconic Ebony magazine cover of Mary J. Blige as Diana Ross. Ebony magazine is celebrating its 65th anniversary with a special look at 12 of its most iconic covers. Editors of the publication asked their favorite entertainers to pose in modern-day recreations of those covers for a one-of-a-kind look back at the past. See more tribute covers after the break. (more…)

World Cup Opening Concert Pics

Vuvuzelaaaaaa!!! It has begun people! The World Cup was brilliantly kicked off last night in Johannesburg with wonderful performances from Africa’s own talent and their counterparts from around the world. Najivunia kuwa Mwafrika nawaambia! There were amazing performances, which was only fitting as this is the first World Cup to be held on African soil. For the next one month we shall eat, breathe, dream and think only of football! Forget rugby and athletics for a while my fellow Kenyans. I have a few pics from the concert to share with you today. So you know what to do… (more…)