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Marital Advice From Will Smith

Listen up people! Class is in session! We’ve all wondered how Will Smith and his wife Jada have managed to have 13 years of marriage together in Hollywood of all places! There has to be a secret to their success. Well, wonder no more. Will recently spoke to an Essence Magazine editor and shared the following tips to a successful marriage:

If You Marry Your Best Friend, You’re Good
Every man wants to marry his homie. A lot of women will impress them, but it’s the one they can always laugh with and be themselves with that will ultimately impress them the most. If you can be yourselves around each other, 100 percent of the time, and they can make you laugh like no one else can, you’ll never have a dull moment together. (more…)


Are You The Marrying Kind?

I know I’m not the only one who has often wondered why Halle Berry has a difficult time with relationships. As hot as she is, you’d think a man would do everything in his power to make things work with her. In last year’s September issue of Vogue magazine, she revealed that she realized we are not meant to go the distance with everybody. She is currently dating French actor Olivier Martinez, who she met on the set of “Dark Tide”.  Although they’ve been getting pretty serious, Halle recently revealed that the traditional form of marriage is not for her, and she won’t be getting married again.

“I wish I had known then that I was not the marrying kind. It would have saved me a lot of time, heartache and grief over the years.

I made all the wrong choices when it came to love. I have been an idiot. But, now, it is like a gift to myself – seeing more clearly and making better decisions. One thing was unavoidable. My father left us when I was young and that did affect my life. If I had a good father in my life, growing up, then I do not think I would have made the mistakes I made. I would not have been lost in love. (more…)

Should Women Propose to Men?

I’ve been accused of being a tad old fashioned. A few reasons are that I refuse to chase after a man, I refuse to use “new” dating techniques such as meeting people online (specifically Facebook. FB is the devil) and I refuse to propose to a man. Sue me. I just won’t do it. I’m not totally prehistoric, don’t get me wrong. I will go half on bills, although I still believe a man should bear more responsibility financially if you’re living together. It’s just the way things should be. If you’re living with a man and you find that more often than not, you’re worried about whether you’ll make the rent or school fees for your kids, then  you do not have a man. You have an extra child to think about.

Before the men start throwing stones, please think back to the days of our grandfathers. The woman’s primary role was to care for the home and the kids. I’m not saying that women could not work. My grandmother was a very successful teacher and Chairlady of an African women’s organization. My grandfather was secure enough in his manhood to handle the bills, and still let his wife be her own person. (more…)

What It's Like Being Married To Snoop

I’ve always wondered what kind of woman could put up with Snoop. He just seems like a man who never grows up. Shante Broadus, Snoop’s wife of 13 years is featured in the July 2010 issue of Sister 2 Sister Magazine. She speaks on how things have changed since Snoop almost divorced her 5 years ago. I had no idea that even went down! Note to all jump offs: the wife will always be the mainest! Somehow they usually come crawling back. Although, for me, it would be very hard to be the bigger person and forgive a man who leaves me, and even accept him back.

Jamie: There was a tough a time for you all – and I think Snoop got lost – when you all were talking about the divorce. It was so much coming at him. And he even asked you what he should do.

Shante: Yeah [laughs] Girl, he didn’t know. You’re trying to leave me and you’re asking me what you should do? So he didn’t know, it was just a lot. And you know I understand. It’s hard for me and I’m just his wife. He’s actually the star. (more…)

Kenyan Woman Beheads Hubby In His Sleep!

So this married couple were planning on buying some land. The husband, of course, was charged with the task of taking the money to the owner of the land. We’re talking about Ksh 125,000 (roughly USD $1,580). As my boyfriend would say, on the way to clinch the deal, the devil derailed him. He went drinking with some pals and it is believed that these pals stole the money meant for the land *teeheehee*

Dude slept out, got home on Sunday evening, and could not explain why he had slept out. Meanwhile, the owner of the land had already told the wife about the incomplete deal. Like seriously, what was he thinking? Anyway, I’d be mad too, but not to the point of beheading lol. Men need to sleep with their eyes open these days. Full story after the break. (more…)