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Hot Trend Alert: Python Shoes and More…

Are you ready for Xmas??? Do you  have all your gifts done? Have you got outfits for the one million and ninety parties you have to attend? While you’re at it, do not forget the shoes. I always advise my male friends on how to choose a good woman. The measuring stick is the shoes… If she’s wearing those luminous coloured patent leather pumps, please run in the completely opposite direction! I’m going to drop some knowledge on you for tips to follow when buying your shoes this season.

You may not believe it but python is making a big comeback this season. Like I told you with the leopard print shoes, python skin is not to be overdone. Try and tone down the rest of the outfit. I absolutely love the shoes pictured above which were worn by Ashanti to the premiere of The Tourist. She made a very big mistake when it came to the rest of her ensemble. (more…)


Hot Trend Alert: Leopard Print Shoes

I’ve loved leopard print ever since my mum bought me a beautiful velvet leopard print skirt back when I was a teenager. Have no idea what happened to it but it was such a prized possession. Leopard print can look very HOT. However…you have to wear it in moderation, and know what to pair it with. Too much can have you looking like a cross breed of a leopard and a human. (more…)

Christian Louboutin Sneakers For Men

Louis Brown Suede w/Rhinestones Black Sneakers ($2,495)

I confess I am one of those girls who look at a man’s shoes before I notice anything else (Number 2 on the list is eyelashes sssshhhh). So far I haven’t really seen sneakers for men that really stand out. Usually I see Vans and Nikes…you know, the usual. Christian Louboutin is changing that. Now men will understand why we girls go crazy for red bottom shoes. They have a new Classique Sneaker collection from their Fall/Winter 2010 line. More pics and pricing after the break. (more…)

Lady Gaga Falls Off Noritaka Tatehana Platform Shoes

Gaga, Gaga, Gaga! What the hell? Why the hell would you wear 10 inch high platform shoes? The shoes are designed by Noritaka Tatehana, a designer famed for his death defying high shoes. This is what you get for trying to be ‘different’ LOL. The closer to earth you are, the safer you are. If you have a sadistic streak and would like to see the tumble play by play, pop the top… If only someone had captured it on video… *muhahahaha* (more…)

Fashion Fail: 6.8kg Shoes

What the hell? I know people getting fit is the in thing but I am not trying to get masgwembes! These shoes are designed by 2 Bitchez Deep. I can’t believe there are people out there who are actually considering wearing this atrocious creation! They actually look painful if you ask me… Pic of the celebrity who dared to wear them after the break… (more…)