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Tiger and Elin Officially Divorced

We all saw this coming. Elin would have been stupid to stay. Tiger and Elin reached a settlement agreement way back at the beginning of July — July 3rd and 4th. The final judgment papers state that the marriage “is hereby dissolved because it is irretrievably broken.” The terms of the divorce settlement were not released to the public, but it is speculated that Elin will receive anywhere from $100 million to five times that amount in assets. Elin has also been granted her request to have her maiden name restored — Elin Maria Pernilla Nordegren. You can keep your name Tiger! The two will have joint custody of their kids, ages three and one. Both Tiger and Elin have each completed a 4-hour parenting course.

Go Elin! I bet he got her to sign a confidentiality agreement though. Tiger and Elin issued a joint statement: (more…)


Signs Of A Cheating Spouse/Partner

So things have not been right between you and your spouse for a hot minute. You’ve tried to correct everything you thought might be the problem… You have started dressing up more, you have started being more romantic by buying flowers, jewellery… Some of you have even gone for those sex workshops to spice things up in the home. No change, no result. There’s just that nagging feeling that something is terribly wrong. Then you start thinking about Carol who divorced her husband because of a funny business with the maid. Or Peter who’s wife cleaned out the house (down to the curtains!) and moved in with a younger man. But it can’t happen to you… Or can it? (more…)