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Jennifer Hudson Opens Up About Family Murders

Hi guys! I’m back! Finally getting back the strength to blog. My mum regularly commented on my blog and I really miss her. What better way to come back than with Jennifer Hudson, a person who has shown such tremendous strength in the face of debilitating tragedy. Jennifer and her fiancé, David Otunga were featured on Own’s Next Chapter last night in a very candid interview with Oprah  Winfrey. During the interview, Jennifer talked about her family murders and whether  she’s forgiven William Balfour as well as her weight loss and feeling the pressures of Hollywood.  Meanwhile, David  chatted about whether or not she was sexier before the  weight loss, wanting a daughter and the two revealed that they are  planning to get married within the next two years.

Check out some excerpts:

On If She’s More Comfortable At This Size:

I’ve always  been comfortable in my skin. I like the skin that I’m in. I don’t ever feel like  I was uncomfortable. I honestly don’t. Yes, at times I feel sexier. At times.  [when asked if she feels prettier:] I was always cute.

David On if He Thinks She’s Sexier at a Size 6 or 16:

You  know honestly, it’s pretty much the same. It hasn’t really changed that much to  be honest. She’s a little more confident now and that kind of sticks out but to  me, but I liked her then too. Very much so. I kind of like the curves. I love  the way she looks now but I’ll be honest, I enjoy  the curves.

One of the things that’s sexiest to me is when she’s doing motherly things.  It’s just like, it’s a complete different side. (more…)


Celebrity Halloween Costumes

I love love love Halloween!!! I actually prefer Halloween to Christmas 🙂 This year, the celebrity who completely outdid herself is Ciara. She chose to dress up as Storm from X-Men. She looks fantabulous!!! Halle Berry had better watch out now…

See more Halloween pics after the break. (more…)

Why Ne-Yo Is Not Marrying Monetta Shaw

Monetta Shaw is pregnant with Ne-Yo’s child. She should be giving birth in January of next year. Ne-Yo recently gave an interview to Cleveland’s 107.9 Radio Station. I don’t even know where to begin. I understand that men are scared of marriage. But shouldn’t you be more scared of having a baby with someone you are not ready to marry? Just seems like such a disconnect. If I were her I’d feel really disrespected, best friend or not. Anyway, here’s a bit of what he had to say:

I am not engaged to be married but I am about to have my first child. I was never engaged. I’m having a child with my best friend on the face of the planet. She’s a beautiful person and yes, we’re about to have a baby. We are not engaged, we have never been engaged. (more…)

What Do You Think About Makeup?


Makeup… Where would we be without it. I never used to bother with makeup. Until I started working at a cosmetics company. The women couldn’t go an hour without dashing to the bathroom to “freshen up” their makeup (Does it go stale?). But I was soon caught in the web and in no time, I was makeup crazy. Could not leave the house without applying some… Now that I’m out of there, I still use foundation every day to hide my real or imagined flaws. The funny thing is most men detest makeup. They really prefer a fresh face sans all the war paint. So lets take a look at a few celebrities to see how much of a difference makeup makes. For starters, I think Mariah looks amazing without makeup! I would definitely skip the beauty routine if I were her. See more celeb bila makeup pics after the jump… (more…)

Amber Rose



So I figure I need to do a post about the enigma that is Amber Rose. She suddenly burst into the limelight this year on the arm of Kanye West. From the jump, paparazzi just couldn’t get enough of her. With her signature blonde, cropped hair, she has taken the world by storm. Hate her or lover her, you can’t knock her hustle. She’s come from being a stripper (yeah I know!) to inking a modelling contract with Ford Models. Bish is getting that money. And you know how she looked plain ghetto when she came out? She seems to be making the transformation to a bad, classy itchbay!!! I try not to knock people for their mistakes or what not. I think she’s a great example of turning the negative in your life into positives. Pop the hood for more pics of the transformation… (more…)

Inside Diddy's 40th BDay Party Hosted by CIROC Vodka



Diddy held one of the hottest parties of the year last week at the Plaza in New York to celebrate his 40th Birthday.  The event was black tie and super exclusive. Celebrity guests included the likes of Jay-Z,  Russell Simmons, Martha Stewart, Kim Kardashian, Tyrese, Keri Hilson, Al Sharpton, Spike Lee, Cassie, Steve Stoute, Kenny Burns and more. Music Legend Al Green performed and Trey Songz sang the birthday song.