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Help Fund Education with Kikoy4Kenya

I’m always looking for a way to help improve my country, and the world, in my every day life. Now you can do it through fashion, and by being a fashion trendsetter at that! Inspired by the beauty of East Africa, Kikoy4Kenya is a line of 100% cotton, hand finished textiles that celebrates the rich heritage, craftsmanship and vibrancy of Kenya. Kikoy4Kenya combines the century-old dying and weaving skills of Kenyan artisans to produce the highest quality of indigenous cotton in a rich array of patterns and hues. More than a luxurious hand woven garment, the Kikoy is a jewel from the rich Kenyan culture.  Traditionally worn as a sarong by East African men, the multi-tasking Kikoy also serves as a scarf, a dress, and a turban as well as a tapestry or a blanket.

Kikoy4Kenya began as a community project to raise money for the Koinonia Education Centre in Nairobi.  Children of the Kibagare slum are given the opportunity to receive a high class education. The school is able to give the children an opportunity to learn and grow.  K4K believes that education is the first step in eliminating poverty, and the education of the children is a step towards the education of the community. For every Kikoy4Kenya sold, K4K funds one day of education for one child.  However you wear your Kikoy4Kenya, you are wearing it as part of a global community. 

You can shop for K4K products on their website. You can also connect with K4K via Facebook and Twitter. You can check out pics of how you can incorporate kikoy in your life after the break. (more…)


Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World

For the woman who has everything, here comes the Gold Rush! The most expensive nail polish in the world. This exclusive nail polish is available to view and order from British jeweler “Frost of London.”  It sparkles as if it contains tiny diamonds, yet is absolutely smooth to the touch. The exquisite gold lid is hand-crafted from a solid ingot of yellow gold, and weighs nearly 4 ounces. A total of 1,118 diamonds have been precisely inset weighing over 14 carats of ‘collection’ VVS quality and colours D, E and F. The Gold Rush nail polish is priced at $130,740.00. The Gold Rush will be available at  Models Own from mid-December.

Now that’s the couture version. For those of us who do not have that kind of money lying around to spend on nail polish, the ready to wear, down-to-earth version only costs $7. Even if I had a loose $130,000 lying around, I still wouldn’t spend it on nail polish. However, if you’re feeling generous this festive season, I would definitely accept it as a gift 🙂

Mary J Blige As Diana Ross For Ebony Cover

Ebony magazine is celebrating 65 years of publication. So they decided to recreate a 1970s cover of Diana Ross. Mary J. Blige is wearing the same clothes and makeup as Ms. Ross did way back then. Is it that Mary is more beautiful or is it that we now have photoshop? Let me stop being messy 🙂 What do you think?

Bow Ties Are Back In Vogue!!!

I’ve never really been into bow ties. Martin Shikuku totally ruined it for me when I was growing up. However, when it comes to fashion, I’m quite open to trying new things. I’m totally amped that these days women too can play around with bow ties. I’m a regular reader of the blog Mr. Talented because he always features cool new stuff. He has created bow ties out of 11 dice, with some pieces drawing inspiration from artists like Kanye West, Andre 3000 and Janelle Monae. See more pics after the break. (more…)

Hot Trend Alert: Chanel Pearl Sandals

Ciara tweeted the above pic about a week ago with the caption “I love my new Chanel sandals!” I’m absolutely in love with them too! They look a bit difficult to walk in though. But who cares as long as they look divine! They feature a large Chanel engraved pearl. They are available for $450 plus depending on where you buy them. If I find a store in Nairobi that sells them I will forever be a loyal customer. More pics after the break. (more…)

How The Rich Fly

I’ve always wondered how celebrities always seem to have a private jet at their disposal, even when they don’t seem to have the finances necessary to own one. Well, the mystery is solved people. It’s something called fractional ownership.

NetJets, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, offers fractional ownership and rental of private business jets. With fractional jets, customers (referred to as “owners”) buy a “share” of a plane, rather than an entire plane. The price is pro-rated from the market price of a full aircraft. Owners then have guaranteed access (50-400 hours annually or a certain number of days of the year, depending on share size) to that plane with as little as four hours’ notice. Fractional owners pay a monthly maintenance fee and an “occupied” hourly operating fee. Usually the latter is charged only when an owner or guest is on board, not when the plane is flying to a pick up point, or returning to base after completing a mission. (more…)

Travel In Style With Bottega Veneta

If you’re a man who likes to travel with nothing but the best, take a look at this Bottega Veneta Nero Soft Alligator Suitcase. This piece of luggage is a design classic, inspired by the idea that travel is pleasure. $53,500 worth of pleasure.

Crafted out of Alligator skin and finished with brass hardware, the bag is created to be durable and strong in the roughest of conditions. Marked by brass details and a lock-and-key buckle for added safety, the suitcase also includes an internal elastic pocket and a removable garment bag for further functionality. Designed to improve with age and withstand the rigors of travel, it’s not the kind of thing you check in on a commercial flight – unless of course you happen to own the airline.

It’s available through the Bottega Veneta website and their worldwide boutiques. (more…)