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How To Be A Man – Tips From Boris Kodjoe

Dating these days is quite complicated. I feel like men these days are nothing like our grand fathers. There was a certain standard men aspired to when it came to relationships. Women were put on pedestals and treated like queens. I was out with a friend of mine the other day at a house party. Only beer was available and I do not drink the frothy stuff. So he made a quick run to the store for something for me to drink. I kid you not, every guy there gave him grief about it. They were saying that he must have a crush on me to go out of his way like that because they would have made me drink whatever was available. It was just so saddening. A brother was just being a gentleman.

Anyway, thank goodness for men like Boris Kodjoe. They restore my faith in the male species. Boris, who has been married to Nicole Ari Parker for the last six years,  recently gave some good insight into what a ‘Good Man’ should be while conversing with model/actress Claudia Jordan.  Claudia tweeted that her mother told her to find ‘some rich, ugly producer and marry him’ because of her troubles with finding a quality man in LA.   Boris responded:

“Why he gotta be ugly? Honestly, I think LA is cancerous for relationships. The hustle mentality and ‘gotta make it’ attitude keeps people from cultivating a real connection. No one has time to take anyone in. Everyone is self-centered and wants to  ‘keep it moving’ Dudes here are so insecure that they have to switch up a girl every week to hide their ‘weaknesses’. A real man embraces them!”

From that response, he went on to create the trending topic, #How2baMan, where he shared what he believes are qualities that all men should possess.  Check them out below: (more…)


Rihanna Curses Out Fan On Twitter

Twitter is the devil. I said it before and I’ll say it again. Twitter is the devil. Rihanna unveiled the cover art for her next single “Man Down” via her twitter yesterday. Upon viewing the pic, @NinyaBella,  a pseudo fan, was more focused on her hair in the photo than her actual choice for the next single and had this to tweet:

Well, little Miss Rih Rih was having none of that and promptly fired off her reply: (more…)

Kaz: The Curse of the Nude Pics

I love Twitter on Fridays… Always so much drama. Last Friday #kenyansontwitter gave me #shikolaptopwilltwitpic (which is a long, long story). This Friday, they are entertaining me with #dearkaz. Kaz has learned what I’ve always said about Kenyans. We are such an unforgiving lot when it comes to things we choose not to forget. If you remember, towards the end of last year, Kaz had what she called her “final performance” in Kenya. It was dubbed Kwaheri Kaz. She was to leave for the States to pursue higher education at the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in New York by the end of the year. So the end of the year came and went. She’s still here. She has a very good reason to be around though. She needs our help to fund her education. She set up an online fund appeal where you can donate and monitor the progress. You can even get some freebies depending on how much you donate. For a minimum of $10,000 you get: (more…)

How 50 Cent Made $10 Million Via Twitter

Twitter is a gold mine if you know how to use it to your advantage. Over the weekend, 50 Cent tweeted to his 3.8 million followers about investing in a penny stock HNHI, a distributor of headphones which include his new Sleek by 50 headphones. Some of his followers took his investing advice and purchased stock in the company.

Earlier we noted that shares of HNHI added $50 million in market cap today thanks to tweets from 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson. Obviously he’s being compensated. How much? A LOT. This SEC filing shows that he owned 30 million shares. Seeing as each one gained $.29 today, that’s nearly $10 million for one weekend of tweeting. How soon do you think he sells? Source

As of 5pm on Monday, the stock rose to $.39 per share and opened at $.45 Tuesday morning. Check the tweets that made the stocks soar below: (more…)

Haiti Election Council Rejects Wyclef Jean’s Presidency Bid

Thank goodness Haitians have some common sense. The election council in Haiti rejected Wyclef’s bid for presidency on the grounds that he has not lived in Haiti for over 5 years. Wyclef broke the news on his Twitter page.

In an interview with Al Jazeera, Wyclef Jean, who actually thought he had hopes of running for president of Haiti despite the fact that he’s not a resident of the island, said: (more…)